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Tips for maintaining your Deer Run floral arrangement:


Blooming Basket & Garden Box Plant Care

​Watering a dish garden is not difficult, but does require initial attention to understand the best schedule for your garden. Most dish gardens are planted in a ceramic container or basket with a liner, which means there is no drainage. These plants do not want their roots sitting in water, so making sure there is enough time between waterings is important.

​Generally, dish gardens can be watered about once a week.

For smaller dish gardens under 6", use less than a cup of water.

For larger containers, use 3/4 to 1 cup.

Depending on the environment (hot & dry or cooler & more humid),

your dish garden could require more/less water than this general rule.

​Stick your finger an inch deep into the soil twice a week to understand your garden's requirements.

If the soil feels dry, gently drizzle water into all areas of the container.

If the soil feels moist, wait another day or two before checking again.

If you think you've overwatered your plant:

Once the water has filtered in, carefully tip your container sideways over a sink to let extra water run out.

Plants in dish gardens generally grow more slowly. Fertilizing is not recommended. This will encourage more rapid growth and shorten the life of your dish garden.

Over time, your plants will begin to outgrow their container. Some light pruning with sharp scissors can keep plants in check. To maintain healthy growth after several months, replant using a larger container with fresh potting soil. Fertilize at this time & continue enjoying your garden.

Orchid Care:

Orchids should only be watered one tablespoon, once a week at most.

It does enjoy a daily spray mist of clean, fresh water on its blooms.

Violet Care:

We plant violets in separate containers in our blooming basket gardens.

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